Grad diaries: the 4 day week

Grad diaries: the 4 day week

It is no secret that flexible working is still one of employment’s hottest debated topics. As a business Mackie Myers opted to take this one step further by launching their trial of the four day working week in April 2022. Thus far the results have been very promising from increased productivity to lower resting heart rates. However the question we have always asked ourselves is “what is the impact to someone starting out in their career?”. We spoke to Charlotte, one of our 2022 graduates to find out more about her thoughts…
Tell us a bit about yourself…
My name is Charlotte Peacock and I am currently an Associate at Mackie Myers, specialising in recruiting for the not for profit sector. I have been with the business for nine months after graduating from Nottingham University and so far I think it’s going pretty well. Summer it set to be an exciting one as I have just been promoted to consultant and it looks like I will be moving into a flat in London with some friends.

How does the four day working week look for someone at Mackie Myers?
Recruitment is a sector where you truly get out what you put in and consequently I think it is the perfect industry to operate on a four day week. We spend Monday to Thursday in the office working hard to provide the best levels of service to our candidates and clients. Assuming all has gone to plan that means we can switch off and use our Fridays for our own self-care, weekends away or more often in my case… driving lessons. Of course not every week goes as smoothly as that and occasionally on a Friday I will pick up a few bits and pieces as most importantly it will never interfere with our ability to deliver on our job. Psychologically the difference of working on a Friday through choice rather than obligation, means I am working because I really want to.

What impact do you think it has had on you and the development of your career?
I believe working four days a week as opposed to five has really helped my career. This is my first job since graduating, where I had less contact hours a week than a normal 9-5. Working four days has prevented me from feeling burnt out and has therefore enabled me to always give 100%. I think it is because of this I passed my probation 3 months early and earnt commission in my first quarter. Obviously it is hard to say what the impact would have been working the full five day week, it might have been more positive but equally it could have been negative.

What advice would you say to the next graduate coming into the business?
Make sure the four day week isn’t the most important thing about this job, but think of it as an aid for you to be great at your job. It will teach you to get the most out of the hours you are working so that you can relax and take the Friday off without feeling on the back foot or too stressed. Absorb as much of the training as possible, make time to pull together a weekly plan and routine and think about what you can do on a Friday that will help you feel refreshed and healthy so you can be at your best.
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