Head of Finance for a strategic advisor of design non-profit organisation

Head of Finance for a strategic advisor of design non-profit organisation

The Project

We partnered with a renowned non-profit organization dedicated to promoting innovative design and creativity in urban spaces. The mandate from the client was to find a new Head of Finance to serve as a strategic professional, to manage the day to day of finance and explore new avenues to diversify their income. This collaboration with an influential organization, known for driving impactful design initiatives, was an exciting opportunity which allowed me to leverage my, 5 years built, network in the arts sector.

The Process

The organisation had struggled to recruit this position for the previous 6 months before coming to us with this. After speaking with HR and the CFO to understand the requirement, I instantly knew the best person for the role. I confirmed with the candidate that she was happy with the role and organisation, and as this was her dream job, she attended two interviews and was appointed within 2 weeks (delayed only due to a holiday in between the interviews). 

The Result

One of the leading challenges recruiting this role was that by trying to cut cost initially they were unable to fill the position for a prolonged period of time which meant there was budget constraints and hesitation on the side of the candidate. We managed to agree a solution that kept the clients cost down in relation to the work taken for the role and helped the candidate understand the history of the role, putting their concerns to rest. We identified the perfect candidate who possessed the exact experience our client sought and shared a deep passion for the organisations mission.

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