Signs it's time for the next chapter

Signs it's time for the next chapter

New year new me…sound familiar?

Many people enter each new year with an agenda of wanting to start afresh. How do you know if you are ready to look for a new job? We took it upon ourselves to research the market and found there were three fundamental reasons that dictate when people know it is time to leave their current employer…

 1. Lack of challenge
The number one push factor that came up time and time again was a lack of challenge. One might think in a post pandemic world, work-life balance and living an ‘easier’ life might be the dream. However, we found quite the opposite. Candidates feel underwhelmed and demotivated when they are not being utilised to their full potential and people often crave a sense of being challenged. So, if you can feel yourself getting bored, complacent or even dragging yourself about of bed in the morning due to lack of motivation, maybe its time for a change?

 2. People
The people you work with is by far one of the biggest influences on whether you join, stay or leave a company. Interestingly, many people we speak to reference a ‘change in personnel’ being a large contributing factor to looking for new work. Whether it be your manager, your peer group, or even those you manage, if there is a changing of the guard or people are bringing you down, it will naturally have a detrimental impact on your enjoyment levels in your job. Many comment on not believing their company had the right people to achieve great results and that lack of inspiration and belief was ultimately what led them to leave.
3. Grass is greener
In the world we live in it is very easy to see through rose tinted glasses and believe the grass is greener on the other side. What if it really is? When your InMails are being filled with new job opportunities that are starting to sound much more exciting than your current job, it might be the time to start exploring those conversations. The average retirement age in the UK is just under 65. Many we spoke to do not feel motivated to spend their careers working within their comfort zone and so want the opportunity to mix things up.  Find a company where you can truly make your mark on something and you might just see that the grass really can be greener.

Changing your career is one of the most stressful times of your life. However, we pride ourselves in trying to reduce that stress as much as humanly possible to help people achieve incredible outcomes. If anything in this article has resonated with you, why not reach out to one of our experienced recruiters – you never know it may be one of the best choices you’ve ever made!

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