Signs of a thriving team culture

Signs of a thriving team culture

To this day the interview process is still the number one defining feature that will result in a candidate accepting or declining an offer. Therefore during the interview it is imperative to assess if the company’s culture aligns with your working style, career goals, and personal preferences. Only then can you make a more informed decision about whether you would accept a job offer from this company.
But how do you do that? Here are our top three tips…

1. Observe the company’s physical environment

During your interview, take note of the physical environment of the company. A collaborative working culture is often reflected in the layout and design of the workspace. Look for open spaces, shared workstations, and collaborative areas such as meeting rooms or breakout spaces.

2.  Ask about team dynamics and communication
This is an excellent way to gauge the collaborative working culture of a company. Ask about how teams work together, how decisions are made, and how feedback is given and received. A company that values collaboration will have open lines of communication and encourage constructive feedback.

3. Enquire about opportunities for professional development
A collaborative working culture often involves a commitment to professional development and growth. During your interview, ask about opportunities for training, mentoring and coaching. A company that invests in its employees’ professional development demonstrates a commitment to their success and growth. A collaborative working culture often involves a willingness to share knowledge and expertise and to support each other’s career aspirations.

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