Unlocking your future dream team

Unlocking your future dream team

The pandemic created an opportunity for the recruitment industry to take a step back and change the way it approaches the market. However, for most agencies and clients alike this has not been the case. The need for efficient recruitment in order to attract and retain talent has never been more present, so why not look at changes we can make to approach recruitment more proactively?

Permanent Recruitment…
Whether this be a newly created role or replacing an outgoing employee, creating a timeframe in which to work is one of the key essentials to strategic recruitment. The temptation for clients to request ‘just send CVS ASAP and we will interview’ is tremendous when the pressure is on to hire. Be reassured, this does not result in a better outcome. Keep the recruitment process simple… Firstly, partner with one chosen agency. Involving several agencies and parties can hinder the process, leaving room for miscommunication and error. This will likely result in a poor candidate experience and put candidates off. Secondly, discuss a clear timeframe with your chosen recruitment partner that will create clear expectations between all parties. This will not only improve the candidate experience, but allow all parties to manage their time effectively. And finally, prioritise recruitment. People are busier than ever, however the people you hire have the power to make or break your business, so be sure to put it the top of your to do list.

Interim Recruitment…
Given the current war on talent, the importance of interim support should not be ignored. The three highest reasons as to why clients hire interim talent are… 1. When you need to hire a permanent employee but notice periods are likely to cause skills gaps… 2. During important projects and transformations that are currently being undertaken by a business… 3. During times of change. In the current climate most companies are likely to be experiencing at least one of these three issues, yet aren’t necessarily considering an interim? Strategic interim recruitment can result in increased productivity, improved results and a happier workforce, without the need to increase permanent headcount. Again, speak to your chosen recruitment partner to discuss the interim market and they will be able to provide insight on how best to strategically recruit an interim.

The Mackie Myers Approach…
When we launched Mackie Myers we set out to challenge the status quo of recruitment and identify more strategic ways that clients can engage with recruiters. All of our recruitment models are based on building partnerships with clients that enable them to think long term about their hiring strategies. By partnering with one agency you will not only achieve better outcomes, but approach recruitment with a less-stress and value add experience every time. If you have been struggling to get results with your current recruitment processes please reach out, we would be happy to advise you on how you can approach recruitment more strategically… hello@mackiemyers.co.uk

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