Multi-discipline Recruitment for an FMCG client

Multi-discipline Recruitment for an FMCG client

The Project

Mackie Myers was recently engaged by a longstanding FMCG client with the goal of conducting recruitment processes to fuel the expansion of their business across various disciplines. Leveraging their specialisms in finance and operations, Mackie Myers facilitated the hiring of personnel spanning finance, logistics, commercial, sales and administration. Despite the challenge of dealing with multiple points of contact within the organisation, Mackie Myers devised an approach that ensured the seamless fulfilment of these roles.

The Process

A project manager was appointed at Mackie Myers and the roles were split between various consultants in order to ensure efficiency and avoid miscommunication. After briefs were taken, the consultants each respectively conducted searches and screening to find the relevant candidates. Working with this FMCG client on an exclusive basis for a number of years as well as across various functions has allowed our consultants to understand the business on a larger and wider scale. Having pre-existing relationships with the business already allowed the team at Mackie Myers to move swiftly through the process.

The Result

Each role faced different challenges, however, all roles were appointed within a month. By partnering with one agency for multiple roles across multiples disciplines this FMCG client were able to streamline all of their recruitment through one company and one touchpoint. This ensured a bespoke recruitment process with minimal time wasted repeating the same conversation to multiple recruiters. The relationship between Mackie Myers and the FMCG company remains strong!

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