Multiple interim roles for a disposal project

Multiple interim roles for a disposal project

The Project

Mackie Myers recently took on an important task for a major hospitality investment company led by Associate Nya Patel. The task at hand was to quickly find three temporary Project Accountants for five months, which lined up with the company’s disposal project but alongside a new system implementation. The main aim was to bring in skilled people fast, cut down on training time, and help the company meet its deadlines effectively.

The Process

Initially introduced via the HR team, Nya highlighted the need to speak directly with the hiring managers to ensure the correct candidates were identified quickly given the tight deadlines. The combination of specific skillsets, a difficult location and the short timeframes brough about its own difficulties. After an initial thorough search and interviews, potential candidates were interviewed and after a few days, due to conflicting priorities with the systems implementation offers were made. However due to the delay the candidates selected had already secured other roles.

The Results

In response, a shift in strategy was proposed to focus on speed. Nya effectively communicated with the client, managing their expectations and emphasising the urgency for swift decision-making. This was successfully taken on board, and with the second round of interviews, all three candidates were offered and accepted with a start date of the following Monday agreed.  Offering market insights, being honest about candidate availability and being flexible in working patterns and pay structures played a large part in the success of the recruitment of these roles. The chosen candidates were smoothly brought into their roles, settled well, and have taken on their duties successfully.

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