Mastering your job applications

Mastering your job applications

Over the past decade it is amazing how much the job market has changed, yet how little candidates have often adapted. We live in a digital world, where job adverts are online and applications are currently at an all-time high. So, what can you do to improve your chances of getting noticed? We have put together a few top tips, that might just help you secure the job of your dreams!

1. Tailor your CV to every role…
Just because roles often use the same job title, it doesn’t mean they are looking for the same skillset. Consequently, CVs should not be a fixed document, but more a flexible structure that you can adapt to every application. Take the time to read the responsibilities and requirements for each role advertised; identify the skills & requirements that you have and ensure they are included and highlighted in your CV (i.e. not just slipped in at the bottom of the document). Candidates often worry that by doing this, it will make their CV too long. If this a concern for you; add in the relevant and cut the irrelevant out, do not fall into the trap of trying to show everything that you have achieved throughout your career. Whilst your time to apply to roles may increase, so will your success rate.

2. Do not underestimate the power of LinkedIn…
LinkedIn is a powerful tool to use when in the job market. Did you know, that worldwide, 3 people are hired through LinkedIn every single minute? In a few simple steps you can make sure you are set up to be seen. Firstly, ensure your LinkedIn is accurate & up to date. Whilst you aren’t able to set salary expectations on LinkedIn, you are more likely to be noticed for the right jobs if you are up to date with your experience, qualifications and locations. Secondly, ensure you have ticked the right boxes. Does your LinkedIn profile show you are looking for work? Have you ticked the right sectors that you have experience in? As a start-up business we rely heavily on headhunting via LinkedIn. If you haven’t set yourself up right, you may not be seen.

3. Network…
We appreciate this has been a tricky one over the past year, but with video calling it is still possible to re-connect with those in your network. To keep this simple this can be split into 2 types of networks. 1) your recruiter network and 2) your personal network. Pick 2-3 recruiters that you know & trust and stick with them. Just by speaking to more recruiters does not mean you will have more success in finding the job you are after. Secondly, use your personal network to help spread the word you are available for new roles. This network should largely be made up of people you have enjoyed working with, whether it is over your two or twenty  year career, chances are, if you enjoyed working with them, they probably enjoyed working with you… and they may just know of a job that could be right for you!

With these three simple steps, you could be one step closer to that perfect job! For more advice, feel free to reach out at and we would be happy to arrange a more detailed consultation. 

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