Pro tips for NFP recruitment

Pro tips for NFP recruitment

Since the start of the year the Mackie Myers not-for-profit (NFP) business has gone from strength to strength. However if the past two years has taught us anything, a thriving market opens up a number of challenges when clients are looking to hire. Our expert NFP leaders have put together their top tips for clients when recruiting to ensure you are able to hire the best possible talent…

Be flexible on sector experience.
Whilst hiring profiles that have experience of the sector can often seem the safest way to recruit, in a candidate short market that isn’t always the case. Like any other specialist recruiter, we will always evolve our networks to ensure we have access to the best possible not for profit talent. However… do not underestimate the talent that can come from out of the sector. Not only is a fresh pair of eyes highly valued from a number of our clients, but it will enable you to open up a much wider pool of candidates for you to select from. Ultimately, increasing your chances of success.

Work with a recruiter you know and trust.
The NFP sector has always been a very relationship driven market, it is what makes it such an enjoyable sector to work in. Whether you are a candidate or a client, in a competitive market it is imperative that you work with a recruiter that you know and trust. Doing this will enable you to create a much more enjoyable experience for all parties, which unsurprisingly will greatly increase your chances of success. Almost 100% of our mandates are exclusive or retained which has allowed our clients and candidates to see much higher success rates throughout their recruitment processes.

Allow for flexibility on salary.
Appreciating the third sector is unable to compete with the commercial sector on salaries, it is still imperative that you stay on top of market expectations within your competitive space. Candidates who work in the not for profit sector often so do because of their passion to be part of something meaningful, however with the rising cost of living it imperative to pay candidates appropriately. If you know your organisation struggles to pay at market rate, think about what else you can offer as an alternative. Hybrid working, four day working week, increased annual leave, bonuses… the list is greater than you think.

Know how to best position yourself in the market.
Within the NFP sector, on paper many roles can look very similar. Therefore when a candidate is comparing two roles that have similar responsibilities and are paying similar salaries it is important for them to know what it is that makes your role stand out above the crowd. This is often one of the most overlooked challenges within the sector, however often the most critical. Take a step back and think about what it is your organisation can offer a prospective candidate and make sure that it is apparent throughout your interview process. Something as small as this could make all the difference.

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