Our commitment to social responsibility

Our commitment to social responsibility

When we decided to launch Mackie Myers, we were very clear that we wanted corporate social responsibility to be part of the fabric of our business. As we scale, we wanted our CSR programs to scale with us rather than being left behind from becoming too busy. Using not only our profits, but also our skillsets and experience, we set out to implement a tangible CSR policy that can truly make a difference. Below is a bit more detail about a few things we are committing to in order to enact positive change…

Climate Change – More Trees
We are passionate about the issue of climate change and are keen to help drive the net zero agenda both within our own operations and where we can influence those we interact with. By implementing a few simple practices such as going paperless, cycling to meetings and working virtually, we hope to reduce as much consumption as possible.
But we wanted to go further. We know that the three simplest things society can do to reduce and reverse the impacts of climate change is buying local produce, reducing energy consumption, and planting greenery. We loved the idea of the simplicity of using profits for planting, and so we have partnered up with More Trees to make this happen.

Every time we complete a piece of recruitment, we will plant trees on behalf of our customers! Not only does this increase carbon capture and help offset emissions, but it also helps improve biodiversity and provides farms with work to support local economies. Our aim is to plant over 10,000 trees within 5 years, so by using Mackie Myers to hire great people, you will also be making a small contribution towards achieving net zero and saving the planet!

ED&I – The Diversity Trust
We believe that recruitment companies have a moral duty to actively promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Therefore, we have chosen to partner with the highly impressive Diversity Trust. The Diversity Trust is a specialist not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to influence social change to create a fairer and safer society.
By partnering with them, not only are we instilling best practice internally and within our recruitment operations, we are also able to share and promote their resources across our network. Whether it be through consultancy, training or simply access to resources, our aim is to ensure that ED&I considerations are at the forefront of all recruitment activities, so we can all be one step closer to a more equal workplace.

Skills – The Careers & Enterprise Company
With over 25 years’ experience of working within the employment sector, we felt we had a unique perspective on the working world that we could help others. The Careers & Enterprise Company is a government funded organisation whose mission is to prepare and inspire young people for the fast-changing world of work. In volunteering as Enterprise Advisors, we work with school leadership teams to develop and deliver workplace insights and experiences. London is trailing behind many other parts of the UK when it comes to social mobility, and we believe it is well worth giving up a few hours a month to help improve opportunities for young adults in the Capital.

As well as these initiatives, we are committed to offering our teams the flexibility to take time out of work to fundraise or support any further causes that they might be particularly interested in or passionate about.
We may be small, but that does not reduce our ability to make big changes.

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